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At Tu-D Concepts Limited, we have the required expertise for providing the highest quality of Valve & Actuation solutions.

Valves are vital to the efficiency of most industrial processes and can ensure both product quality an d a c company’s responsibility to the environment.

We manage the full life cycle of any type of valve and actuator starting from the sale to installation & commissioning, maintenance, repairs, testing, calibration, training and recertification with fast delivery, thereby ensuring that there is negligible downtime.

TU-D/CCEL Engineering can repair and/or recondition the vast majority of all makes, types and sizes of industrial valves, including safety valves, using skills and experience acquired over many years.

Safety Valve Overhauls

Safety is the top priority in every process industry. Which is why critical components such as safety, relief and emergency shut- down valves are given special treatment by TU-D/CCEL. All safety valves are tested and certified upon completion of the overhaul and our operating systems have been externally verified


We provides a complete – and guaranteed – service in valve repair and reconditioning, using skills an d experience developed over many years and in every sector of industry. Valves are reconditioned to the highest standard and are tested to the relevant standards to ensure that they are as effective and efficient.

Control Valve Overhauls

Some of the most demanding sectors of British Industry from oil, gas and chemicals to power generation, food processing, brewing and paper making – depend on control valves for effective performance.  The TU-D/CCEL Engineering valve repair and reconditioning service helps to keep the se critical components operating at peak efficiency.

Valve Repair

We have a wealth of experience as well as the capacity to repair all sizes of safety, relief, gate, globe, check, ball, plug etc. valves. Our workshop is well equipped and we have specialised lapping facilities for all types of valve seats. Our engineers are of the highest quality to ensure that we continue to meet our customers’ requirements as well as their change