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TU-D Concepts Limited partners with IRT Consult to undertake thermal imaging inspections on Off-shore installations for electrical and mechanical applications, determine pressure losses, leaks, or compromised areas of the whole transport piping systems. Making sure your pipeline system is completely sealed has become an absolute necessity in relation to environmental and economic potential disasters as part of a condition based or predictive maintenance strategy.

Our Thermal Imaging Services allow visual verification of your assets integrity and can also be used in the development of a predictive maintenance program which allows us the ability to:

  • Identify leaks in tanks and pipelines
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Tank Level detection
  • Identify equipment anomalies
  • Water and environmental anomalies

Thermal Imaging Services
• Electrical Inspections
• Mechanical Inspections (Trending Analysis)
• Marine Surveys
• Industrial Process Monitoring & Inspections
• Tank level Surveys
• Separator Sediment Level Surveys
• (CUI) Corrosion Under Insulation Inspections
• Water Injection Pipeline Inspection

Optical Gas Imaging Services
• Optical Gas Imaging
• Floating Roof Seal Inspections
• Hybrid LDAR Surveys
• Aerial Pipeline Inspections
• Inspection of LPG bottling Plants

Specialist Services/Energy Conservation Services
• Quantification of Gas Leaks/Emissions
• Compressed Air Leak Surveys
• Steam Trap Surveys
• Workplace Noise Surveys/Risk Assessments

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